Environment variables

Here is the list of the environment varialbes that will be available to your application:

Name Example value Description
APP_NAME example-sinatra-app The name of your application (i.e. package name)
APP_HOME /opt/example-sinatra-app The directory where your application is installed
APP_USER example-sinatra-app The user under which your app will run (default=APP_NAME)
APP_GROUP example-sinatra-app The group under which your app will run (default=APP_USER)
APP_SAFE_NAME example_sinatra_app A somewhat safer name to use in various context. Only alphanumerical characters and underscores
HOME /home/example-sinatra-app The home directory of your app
PORT 6000 The port where the first web process of your application will listen
PATH /opt/example-sinatra-app/bin:/opt/example-sinatra-app/vendor/bundle/bin:...:/usr/sbin An updated PATH for your application

You can set new variables for your application using the CLI:

sudo example-sinatra-app config:set DATABASE_URL=postgres://user:pass@host:port/dbname