Launch your first build

Now that you've enabled an application, you will be greeted with a screen similar to the one below:

Clicking on the BUILD NOW button will immediately launch a new build of the application for your default branch.

The default branch for a repository is usually the master branch, but it depends on your GitHub settings. You can enable more branches for packaging. See Releases & Versions for more details.

Once a build has started, you'll be able to view the build logs in real-time to follow the progress. Unless specified otherwise, we try to build a package of your application for the latest versions of all the supported distributions, but you should always specify the exact targets in your .pkgr.yml file.

Upon completion, a notification email will be sent to the authors and committers of the commit(s) that have been pushed, but only if they are also users of (we don't want to annoy people without their permission). You can have a look at our Notifications reference for more settings.

You may need to run a few builds before you understand what's missing for your package to properly build (e.g. missing system dependencies required by the libraries you're using, etc.).

Don't be afraid to experiment, it's part of the learning curve. If you're stuck, please send us an email to

If you need help packaging your application, head over to the relevant documentation for the languages we support to find more details, and explore example applications:

Once you get a successful build, see the next chapter to learn how to install, configure, and run the application.